Saturday, 2 January 2010


It's our Nanang Orang’s 80th birthday.. It is very easy for me to find descriptive words to tell who nanang is and why is she so special to our family…

Our nanang is one of the not so famous people in this world that I admire..She is an epitome of a woman with joy and gladness in her heart. Every morning when she wakes up, she would prepare the hot water while whistling to her favorite tune..She never goes tired of making milk for my twins and coffee for me every single day.. At her age, she can still take care of our meals and prepare it lovingly..I hardly seen her being grumpy and complain about anything..She just enjoys every day that she is with us and she always hold on to happy thoughts and always proud of her pamangkins and apos here in the Philippines and in Dubai.. I am very blessed because at my age, my mom, my kids and my husband can still experience her love and devotion to us..

Orang, short for Maura is the sister of Tatay Freddie, my mommy’s father..Matandang dalaga ang aming Lola same with her two older sisters who passed away already.. She, and her two sisters were the ones who raised my mom and her siblings..

She is now 80 years old but she doesn’t look her age..she still wears a striking nail polish and dangling earrings whenever she wants..she laughs and always find something to be happy about...Sometimes when something worries me, she would always give the best advice,” may awa ang Poon…” Nothing worries her meek spirit because she firmly believes this..

Nanang is now 80 years old, her body gets old but not her young spirit..Every night I pray for more strength and health for our nanang, more coffee, more sumptuous and loving dishes to serve, more pocket books to read, more stories and laughter to share, more life and good health… We love you our dear nanang, our gratitude to you will forever be..