Saturday, 24 October 2009

PMS What is it???

I think this is one of the important things any guy and every husband should know about----PMS - Pre Menstrual Syndrome.. Every month, I am not spared of experiencing this syndrome. Aside from having my migrane which leads to vomitting, and disminorrhea, It is a point in my life that I feel very depressed, irritable, impatient. I feel that I am worthless and life seems gloomy. At times, I cannot even control my temper and emotions.. Sometimes, I even think I am nuts because of this unusual behavior, and this is one of the culprit, PMS!

What is PMS? Here's one of my research:

Premenstrual Syndrome: PMS is a disorder characterized by a set of hormonal changes that trigger disruptive symptoms in a significant number of women for up to two weeks prior to menstruation. Of the estimated 40 million suffers, more than 5 million require medical treatment for marked mood and behavioral changes. Often symptoms tend to taper off with menstruation and women remain symptom-free until the two weeks or so prior to the next menstrual period. These regularly recurring symptoms from ovulation until menses typify PMS, premenstrual syndrome.


Over 150 symptoms have been attributed to PMS. After complaints of feeling "out-of-control", anxious, depressed and having uncontrollable crying spells, the most common complaints are headache and fatigue. But symptoms may vary from month to month and there may even be symptom-free months. No women present with all the PMS symptoms. Characteristically symptoms may be both physical and emotional. They may include physical symptoms as headache, migraine, fluid retention, fatigue, constipation, painful joints, backache, abdominal cramping, heart palpitations and weight gain. Emotional and behavioral changes may include anxiety, depression, irritability, panic attacks, tension,lack of co-ordination, decreased work or social performance and altered libido.

So women need not feel that they are going crazy for these two weeks every month. They are experiencing an exaggeration of normal function. PMS IS REAL--

So, guys and Husbands I hope that you will find patience and understanding to your partner during this period. I tell you it's not easy. You just have to be quiet and let time pass until these hormones regulate...hehehe....Ba'jo

Friday, 23 October 2009


Time really flies so fast. I woke up this morning and I can already feel the christmas breeze. Christmas carols are now starting to play in the air, and decorations are already out in the market. Set designs of our studios in GMA are now filled with christmas shades. I have lots of plans this season. I'm planning to go to Divisoria before the start of December and buy materials for my personalized gifts for the holidays. I hope to make it this time because every year I am always part of the Christmas rush. I wanted also to do a general cleaning and do the house make over.. I want to organize, together with salingket kids, a christmas party in an orphange or charitable institution to share some of our blessings and to impart to them the joy of giving..I'm not sure if I can make all these plans that is why I am putting it in writing, it will be my reminder..

Sunday, 11 October 2009


pagmulat ng mata,
langit nakatawa
sa batibot,
sa batibot
tayo nang magpunta
tuklasin sa batibot
ang tuwa, ang saya
doon sa batibot
tayo na, tayo na
mga bata sa batibot
maliksi, masigla. (2x)
dali, sundan natin
ang ngiti ng araw
doon sa batibot (2x)
tayo nang magpunta
tuklasin sa batibot
ang tuwa, ang saya
doon sa batibot
tayo na, tayo na
mga bata sa batibot
maliksi, masigla. (2x)

I am pretty much sure that anyone of my age is singing this song in mind while reading it.. Who would forget Batibot? This is a daily routine of any Filipino child, decades ago...It was when there were only five channels to choose from, and every pinoy child is glued to the tv screens around 9am in the morning..
I can still remember when me and my brother would watch for the colorful puppets Pong pagong, Kiko matsing, Manang bola, ate Ningning and Gingging, irma daldal, kapitan basa... we would always wait for the stories of kuya Bodgie and advice of ate Sienna for the kids..Who would forget manang bola and her perlas na bilog huwag tutulog tulog...isdadada isda, Ako ay kapitbahay, kapitbahay nyo laging handang tumulong sa inyo..bangkang papel, alagang alaga namin si puti, telepono telepono kay daling gamitin..
I still have vivid memories of Batibot,especially their uplifting songs which they have instilled in my young thoughts..It talks about simple things which any child of that time could relate. It is about innocence, friendship, and hope. I believe that it played a great role in our generation..Until now, I always sing their songs to my twins and tell stories of the characters.
It was sad to know that the sprout of cable shows from Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, the newer children’s show of local stations and the licensing problems swept Batibot from its regular airing.. I really wish that it will be aired again soon and hoping that it will be in our KAPUSO network, GMA 7.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

a happy tip

I Love reading books of Andrew Matthews.Some of his works are: Being Happy, Follow your Heart and Happiness now.It tells about coping through life's difficulties, real instances and how to get over it. Here's some of his tips that is very true and should be applied on our day to day activities:

"YOU GET MORE OF WHAT YOU DWELL UPON" - when you are thankful to God for what you have- for the friends you have, and for the good things you got-you attract more good people and good things.

People who always complain about what they don't have, stay stuck. Complainers attract more things to complain about..

Just be happy with what you have now and more will come to you.. Everytime you say a silent word "thank you" to our Creator you become more peaceful and powerful.

This is a helpful tip especially if we have a bad day. I even post this saying on my signature emails. :)

Sunday, 4 October 2009


nanang preparing for the repacking

twins helping to prepare the stubs

emon distributing the goods

sack of clothes that we solicited

They came one at a time

packs of goods already loaded

this is ruel and his daughter, husband of our helper years ago

This morning, my husband and I had our own outreach for the people in Northville, Lambakin, Marilao who are greatly affected by the typhoon Ondoy. This is our way of thanking our Creator for blessing us and keeping us safe.. I cannot also ignore the people from our community yearning for help..

Yesterday, we bought some canned goods and noodles at the grocery store nearby. I prepared 100 stubs so that everything will be in order, and emon personally distributed it to the houses of the affected families in the area... I also went to my Tita bubot's house to solicit their old clothes. It was a team activity of our family..My nanang and emon did the repacking of the goods while The twins and manang our helper did the repacking of the clothes..We ended just in time for our dinner..

Everything went well.. The smiles and the salamat po of the people coming are enough fulfillment for our efforts..