Monday, 7 September 2009


This is our seven month old daycare center...It is called "SALINGKET" which refers to an individual who is made a member of a group even though he or she does not possess all the requirements for membership. Derived from the words "sali" meaning to join and "pusa" meaning cat. "Pusa" acts here as a placeholder;

The center caters to the early preparation of kids before the formal schooling... We now have 28 students. Half of it is from the morning session and the other half is the afternoon session. Most of the kids age ranges from two and a half to four years old.

Building this daycare center is not easy but I would also say not that hard for me and my mom who is an educator for almost 30 years now.. except that we really need to establish it within our limited budget.. It is not that hard because it is my Mom's passion to teach and mold the minds and characters of the kids.It is her calling...The center is built out of the desire to produce well rounded and competent individuals with good character..More than just the business, it is a fulfillment to see a child's progress thru proper teaching and education..

I will be posting more about salingket in the next few days...our mission/vision and our core values..

Have you ever taught your children how to pay respect in a Filipino way, like "pagmamano"? Ask even a two year old child from Salingket and they will teach your children how...

"Your Child's first step to the big leap"
2nd floor Ma. Fe Building, El Camino road, Sto. Nino Meycauyan, Bulacan

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