Friday, 18 September 2009


friends since grade three with rhian
dannie and tita ninang

kikay, gabbie, and tita ninang

divine daldal

just the start

our nanang and krystal

the extrovert band

the gwapings and rhian

mga kapuso friends


It's past six days but I still haven't gotten over my birthday celebration last Saturday. It was really a bash that day because my husband and i prepared something extraordinary for our friends neighbors and our relatives.. As hours passed, my husband prepared the food, the chairs and tables, the drinks, the tent, the sound system, and the platform..yes! platform. we created a mini stage for the street party celebration.

Despite heavy rains, our guests were coming in, around seven in the evening...the buffet table was ready with lechon, steak ala pobre, lengua, pancit canton, shrimp, rice...puto on it. the extrovert band started playing while the guests were having dinner. Krystal Reyes, my anak anakan, also a child actress in GMA and Rhian Ramos surprised me in gracing my party.. Drinks were served as the guests started to party and bursting out with laughter because of my stand up comedian and a very good friend, Divine Daldal..Our relatives, friends, and colleagues from GMA started dancing as we partied all night long..
This is a very memorable birthday for me because I have gathered most of my friends and neighbors who are close to our family. More than just the celebration, my wish of somehow having a live band for my occasion was fulfilled. The music, the laughter and the gathering are more than enough gift for my special day.

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