Friday, 4 September 2009


My blog is 6 days old..It was last sunday when I tried to write something and finally arrived on - create a blog at It's very easy and user friendly..I've read so many reviews and forums on how to create a blog and was surprised that you can earn also from it.. I have no idea on how it works, but I just told myself to give it a try..I have read the forums and it says that you can earn thru adsense but it really takes a while to get approved, the forum said that it takes a month or 20 posts or so...I was not really expecting to be approved, I just enjoyed writing new post..I added widgets , pictures, and I was excited to write new experiences here..Finally, just this morning, I was so happy to see this in my mailbox....


Your Google AdSense application has been approved. You can now activate
your account and get started with AdSense in minutes.

I'm really not sure how this works as an extra income, but I will definitely post the procedures..Thank you, Mr. Google! This is simple, but one of the best part of my today...

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