Thursday, 1 April 2010


It is true that you cannot give what you do not have. I do believe in this saying…and as a mother it is very important for us to keep this in mind...You might ask what makes me say so??? These past few days I have been very busy, with the moving up preparation of our Salingket daycare center, going to office every day, tending the twins and aside from that, planning and budgeting for our soon to open car wash near our area. I have been rushing recently every morning just to meet all the deadlines. I almost forgot that I should also have TIME for myself…

Most of us moms feel guilty of spending time alone, strolling or shopping, chatting with our girlfriends because we feel that we need to be with our family always. I need to be with them after work, after planning for the business, etc… but after the day is through, I find myself giving my kids my time but not the quality that they need. I am present but I am not involved, thus giving them my superficial attention. I realized that I missed out one important point. That is to have time for myself… to rejuvenate from the tired weeks that passed, to keep myself healthy, and to go out so that I may be able to tell and share more stories with them… Sometimes it’s ok to be lazy and just to giggle with them… Sometimes, it is ok to forget about tomorrow and enjoy what we have today… We cannot give our family the time that we need if we cannot give it to ourselves… So, to all mothers out there, we also have our own individual life, so go out and get a foot spa that you deserve…ciao!

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