Monday, 28 June 2010


Hello Blog!!!! It's been a while since I haven't posted anything here... I missed blogging...I have just recovered from being nauseated because of my upcoming "BUNSO'". We are very happy for having another beautiful gift from above.
Yes! I am Four months preganant and thank you Lord for I was able to get through my sensitive paglilihi...
I am thankful for my partners in life----My Husband - who pampers and understands me as I go through my difficult stage of being grumpy. My Mom - who took care of St. Thomas Montessori while I was so tamad for anything, and for giving in for my food cravings. My Nanang - who never ceases to prepare meals for me kahit hindi ako makakakain ng kahit ano... And my twins, my Dannie and Gabbie who is always there beside me following all my utos-my very independent girls who I can rely on..
I am now on my early second trimester, now more calmer and relaxed. Happier, in feeling my little one kicking inside my tummy. I am now enjoying my pregnancy and counting the days until I see my bunso... I got the best partners in life, what more can I ask for?
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