Saturday, 26 September 2009

knock, knock...

It was already 4am when my husband and i got home from a birthday celebration of our friend.. Since then the rain hasn't stopped..When i woke up i saw the dark clouds and heavy rains outside our window but didnt bother, I just thought that this typhoon will leave anytime soon..I then took our usual afternoon nap with my twins..Emon prepared lugaw for our merienda. While he's cooking, someone came knocking at our door..It was Indang's family, our helper years ago.. with her 4 year old daughter,two nieces,and her neighbor with a 3 year old boy..their clothes soaking wet, bodies chilling and starving for food..They came to ask for help because their house and all their belongings were literally washed out by flood..She told their struggle of how they left their town and save their lives.They went to the barangay and evacuation centers but unfortunately it was already crowded until they thought of coming to us..Raymond immediately served them with lugaw that he cooked, gave them clothes and prepared the bed for them to rest and sleep..We gave the children milk and biscuits..

I had a sudden mix of feelings this time..I was guilty of complaining all day because there was no electricity, i havent charged my laptop to access my facebook,i couldnt play farmville, had a bad network signal of smart, and i haven't had enough sleep..I felt bad because Im whining over these petty things while other families are struggling for their lives, lost all their belongings and clueless how will they start another day..It was then that I realized that I have so many things to be thankful for..I thank God that all of my loved ones and friends are safe.. More than that, there was a feeling of fulfillment for the capacity to help and extend a hand for other people in need..I pray for the victims of this typhoon..These too shall pass..

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