Sunday, 27 September 2009

My eve of Ondoy's onslaught

It's an ordinary friday for me last September 25, 2009. I did my usual routine of waking up the twins, dressing them up for school and going to the office. I was tasked to go to Makati that day with our admin manager to observe a research for the primetime shows and artists of our network. After office, my friends and I will be going to a surprise birthday treat of our friend angie... We went to Manila Pavillion Hotel to watch Marissa Sanchez' show... Right after, we were really surprised because our next destination is... Manila Yacht Club.. It was a couple's night out, we went out with our husbands and were really excited, for it is the first time that were going to ride a yacht.. Rain is outpouring while we are sailing along Manila Bay going to the yacht.. We had so much fun that night while it is raining, we didn't bother, we didn't even know that there is a typhoon..Right after our ride, we went to Cafe Adriatico to eat lugaw to feed our empty stomach.. then we went home...
I was supposed to post our escapade last Saturday and was excited to upload the pictures of our adventure until Ondoy came..This post should be about the fun and the adventure that we had that time..Now I have to write it on a different note, the incident and the experience had hit me..I together with my friends who are also parents of young children, were to close to become the victims...We were at Manila Bay hours before its onslaught..The roads and the places that we passed hours ago were totally devastated.. I haven't uttered any word except, "thank You, Lord" for sparing me, my husband and my friends..
I cannot clearly describe how i feel until now...God is the only one in control of our lives.. and whatever blessings and any condition that we have been spared, we should acknowledge him..He made a point, and that bacame clear thru this calamity..This is the only way I can think of thanking HIM, to help those who are still left in the dark in my own little way, in whatever manner it may be...

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